screen-shot-2016-07-27-at-1-16-11-amAmandeep Kang, best known as ‘AKakaAmazing’, is a Canadian Youtuber, comedian, director, editor, writer, rapper, and online personality. He is well recognized internationally for his popular comedic sketches, including his most admired ‘Living in a Brown Fam’ series. Through these visuals, AK’s aim was to capture and portray the day-to-day lives of typical South Asian families. AK combines his passion for innovative film production, alongside his extensive network of music producers, to constantly elevate his artistic production value.

AK was born in Rexdale, Ontario. His father never saw the suburbs of Brampton as a safe haven; due to this, AK lived most of his childhood within the multicultural region of Rexdale. It was during this period that AK began to develop his character and truly study the typical immigrant family from all ethnic perspectives.

One cold winter night of 2009, AK decided to put his newly purchased webcam to use. Upon realizing the lack of a solid online South Asian community, AK took it upon himself to begin speaking his mind in his first ever rant style YouTube video. With an immediate overnight response of over a thousand people, AK’s request for more videos began to increase, as well as his fan base.

Many years later, AK has established his own production company ‘AKTV Inc.’ AK continues to push to collaborate with a universal network of cinematographers, producers, actors, artists, writers, and editors for multiple future projects. His channel has grown from webcam rants to comedy sketches, parodies, music videos, podcasts and now evolving into short films and documentaries.

AK’s purpose lies not only in his aim to uplift his viewers through laughter, but as well captivating them with visuals and sounds of reality – all meanwhile highlighting the importance and knowledge of Sikhi.